Train your K9 for fun and profit!  CSI offers a large library of volatile organic and inert scent sources from Antler Shed to Truffles, to assist you with training your scent detection dog at home.  We offer self paced courses, a large library of help files and problem solving techniques.  We are happy to answer your questions and welcome suggestions for scents you would like to see added to our scent library.

Training your scent detection dog is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Order the Novice Kit for the scent you would like to begin detecting
  2. Sign up for Scent Detection 101 eLearning Course
  3. Practice! Practice! Practice!

SUITABILITY:  The products, courses and training materials offered on this site are ideal for the amateur scent detection handler and hobbyist and require no previous experience or training.  The professional scent detection handler may welcome the addition of our scent aids to their existing scent library as well as adopting or exploring new tools and techniques to add to their training repertoire.


Keep Track of Your Dog in the Field

Depending on the type of scent detection work you are doing, you may want to invest in a GPS system to track your dog in the field.  Knowing your dog’s work pattern can be an invaluable handler training tool.  We have personally used this rugged Garmin product and had great results.  Using the resulting track, you can see how and when your dog is working scent or engaging in unwanted behaviors such as crittering or following distractions.