Q.  Can I make my own scent material?

A.  Absolutely and you should!  Ordering Scent Kits are a great way to get started and ensure that your dog has a solid baseline and that your scent material is consistent, uncontaminated and independently obtained.  But it is vital that you present your dog with a wide variety of preparations and depending on your scent discipline you will need to use scents both to proof your dog off of distraction scents and to ensure your dog is developing an appropriate range.


Q.  Do I need to wear gloves?

A.  Yes and no.  Your dog will naturally use your scent as a “cheat” to locate targets you have placed, and gloves are one way to reduce the impact of that.  However, gloves are another “cheat” and your dog will become familiar with their scent and use it as an aid to locate targets.  We recommend using a variety of glove types (don’t forget food service) and occasionally gloveless placements as well.


Q.  How do I proof my dogs off of distractions?

A.  Your scent, gloves, containers, scent medium and contaminants are all factors affection your dogs acquisition of the target scent.  It is important to change all of these factors regularly with the exception of your target scent.  Your target scent needs to be consistent and of high quality, particularly when you begin training, but everything else needs to change from time-to-time to ensure your dog dogs not mistake a contaminant or distraction scent for the target scent.

Q.  Is there somewhere I can get the A to Z of how to scent train my dog?

A.  Again yes!  We have a course aimed toward the beginner and hobby scent detection team.  There are no prerequisites for you or your dog to make the most of our self paced Scent Detection Course.  The course does not require the purchase of our scent detection kits and in-fact addresses how you can make your own preparations.